Oakwood Guitar School is a well equipped home studio that provides a comfortable, relaxed learning environment for students. Our primary goal is to have lessons that are consistently engaging and goal oriented, helping students reach their potential while enjoying the experience of learning music.

We teach electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar and upright bass. We are qualified to teach in a variety of musical styles - Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Jazz, Classical, and many more. We also offer lessons in topics such as music theory, song writing, and improvisation. If you are interested in learning another instrument or topic, we can refer you to a qualified teacher.

Lessons are offered at $40 for one hour, $31 for 45-minutes, and $22 for 30-minutes. Group and ensemble lessons can also be arranged upon request. Children and adults of all levels and abilities are welcome! Students younger than 8 years might not be ready for learning guitar yet. It is best for us to meet your child in order to make a decision. Regardless of age, your first lesson is a no-cost, risk free trial.




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